Bled in the Sun

There is nothing better than the sun beating through the window of the balcony door even if it is 5:30.  One thing I like about sleeping in the Alps is that I can have my window open all night and I can hear the sounds of crickets when I fall asleep and birds when I wake up (from the moment I stepped out of the car in Bled there was a Cuckoo bird singing).  This was the first morning that it was totally nice so I basically jumped out of bed and wanted to walk around the lake before breakfast.  The trick was that I also wanted to hike up to a view point en route around the lake.  If you just walk the nicely paved trail around the lake it takes around an hour and a half. 

The owner of the pension we are staying in told us about a view point that is off of the trail.  I thought well of course I want to do that.  I really didn’t think it could be that bad.  Well, keep in mind that decided I wanted my tripod this morning so I added to our load of a backpack and camera.  Oh and I didn’t bring any water and it was already warm out.  The total hike was 685 meters high (aprox 2,250 ft).  My favorite part was the end where there was 80 narrow steps.  The handrail on the way up was so high that I had my arm fully stretched out and I could hardly touch the rail. 
The junior world rowing championships will be here shortly.  I can only imagine what this lake will look like completely full.  You can tell the locals are getting ready for a busy summer season.  My clothes were totally drenched after my 3 hour excursion before breakfast but it was worth it.  I can officially say that I earned my delicious breakfast after that walk.

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