Lesson #1

Lesson number one when traveling is don’t wear light colored pants on the plane.  Thankfully I was not the one that needed to learn the lesson.  The lady across the isle from me was wearing khaki pants and for some reason decided to order tomato juice.  When the flight attendant came to pick up her lunch tray she knocked her full glass of tomato juice on her lap.  Lucky for her there was only 8 hours left on the flight.  The flight attendant felt very bad, and I know she did comp the lady some money.  Also the lady was  at least smart enough to pack other pants on the plane so she was able to change out of her wet pants but the rest of the flight consisted of the flight attendant apologizing to the girl.  That was my highlight of my flight.  4 movies and no sleep made for a great travel day.

Arriving in Zagreb was like no airport that I can remember before.  I have been to some pretty small airports but I never remember an airport not having a gate or at least a better method to get people out of an airport.  Zagreb airport did not have any gates.  They put you on a bus and then drop everyone off where you are all put in a tiny room and wait to go through customs.  There were no official lines so basically you just push your way forward.  By this time I was so hungry from not eating anything that I felt like the floor was moving.  Really I just needed food and sleep.

Instead, I would try to drive through the center of Zagreb in a manual car.  My first time driving a manual and I decide to drive to the center during rush hour….and with no sleep.  Not smart.  Didn’t start off well that where you pick up the rental cars is just along the street of the airport.  A guy saw I was leaving and insisted that he was going to wait for my spot.  I felt rushed already.  I did manage to get the car out but let’s just say there might have been a little whip lash.  I can’t say I enjoyed the drive.  We made it there somehow.  I did kill the car a couple of times.  The parking lot was located down a narrow one way street that you have to get out and punch in a code.  I felt like I was learning to drive all over again.

If driving wasn’t hard enough getting the car trunk to open was even harder.  We had a hard time at the airport but figured it out.  Then we couldn’t get the trunk open in the parking lot.  We must have tried for almost a half an hour before we decided to fold the seats down in the back seat and pull them out that way.  I think I might have it figured out now.  Yet another great feature in this not very fancy car.  I feel bad for the lucky person after me that get’s this trasmission.

3 thoughts on “Lesson #1

  1. I thought you were going to practice driving stick before you left!!!! Man, I wish I could have been there to see that:)

    • I did practice once…in February with Jody. Not really the same though driving in a foreign city and pouring rain. It was pretty funny. Yesterday was much better. I’m pretty sure I’m better at going in reverse than anything.

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