Our arrival into Zagreb was anything but sunny and easy.  In fact, it was very rainy.  Besides being tired and hungry, the rain didn’t make it very pleasant to walk around.  After grabbing a slice of pizza, it was basically bedtime for me.  Can’t say the sleep was great.  Zagreb is a city that likes to be out late and staying in the center of the city makes for one loud night.  I swear there were fireworks at one point, but why would there be fireworks at 2 in the morning?

We headed out at sunrise for a walk which turned into us climbing a lot of stairs.  The streets were quiet (except for the people walking home from the bars), and the sun was shining.  A perfect morning for a stroll.  Zagreb has a lot of cute charm.  They have a tram system that seems very efficient.  They have a market like I have never seen before.  They have more outdoor cafes than I usually see.  Streets lined with umbrellas and tables.  It is a cute city to walk around.

We even went to the Drazen Petrovic (former Portland Trailblazer) Square.  He passed away in a car accident some years ago.  He is considered a basketball legend in Croatia, and there is a museum dedicated to him.  His mom was there working at it.  She seemed very happy to talk about her son.

The morning went by fast, and next thing I knew we needed to drive to Plitvice National Park.

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