Plitvice National Park – Day 1

From Zagreb we drove about an hour and half to our hotel by Plitvice National Park which is the largest national park in southern Europe.  The park consists of 16 lakes and creates stunning water falls and beautiful green/blue water.  The drive was pretty easy.  There are toll highways in Croatia so it is always fun to try to guess how much our toll will be and if we have the right amount of change.

Finding our inn could have been a little easier.  We drove by it the first time, but we only had to turn around once and found it the second time.  For some reason, I have a feeling I will be good at turning around after this trip.

We checked in to the hotel quickly and headed over to the park.  We wanted to try to cover half of the park in the afternoon and save the other half for the next morning.  We covered the lower lakes first.  There are plenty of lakes and waterfalls but I was always amazed at what the next view could offer.  This really is one of the nicest parks I have ever been to.  I hear that in the summer the waterfalls are not as impressive because there isn’t as much water run off.  Fall is supposed to be nice because the leaves change.  I can’t say I was disappointed with my views so I would say spring is nice.  Just be prepared to walk and to walk on boards that wobble and have big cracks in them.  Between walking in Zagreb and walking around the park, I did over 16 miles and 115 flights of stairs.

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