Plitvice National Park – Day Two

The first day at the park was one to remember but the second day was still full of amazing water features.  We had a wonderful dinner the night before to give us the energy to get back up in the morning and hike around the other part of the park that we couldn’t see the first day.  We stayed at a little pension that was amazing.  The dinner was a 3 course home cooked delicious meal.  The mother made the food and you had your choice of a meat version or fish.  You can guess, I picked the meat version and it was amazing.  The first course was chicken noodle soup which included pasta that she made.  The main course was salad, vegetables from the grill, rice and meat.  The meat was 2 little sausages called ćevapčic.  I know the name of these sausages because I asked the daughter if she could write it out for me.  They were so good that I wanted to make sure I found them again.  She told me that they were sausage from Bosnia & Herzegovina.  Then there was another sausage but more spicy.  There was an amazing chicken skewer and a pork chop.  All the food was prepared from the grill.  For dessert there was an apple strudel.  Oh and I tried the plum brandy as it is suggested to have before you start your meal.

I was still pretty stuffed the next morning but then she made breakfast.  I was ready for a nice walk in the park after all the food I enjoyed.  My day at the park almost got off to a bad start as we were going to get off the boat to start our walk when a man in front of me whipped his backpack around and knocked my lens cap off.  It rolled to the edge of the boat and the man’s wife was able to catch it just in time.  Phew…

We walked around the lakes at a pretty good pace because we had to be back to our pension to check out by 11.  I have never seen so many lakes that create such beautiful waterfalls.  I always think that I will get tired of seeing another waterfall but when I come around the corner, there is just another different waterfall awaiting.

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