Lodging in Mostar

The lodging in Mostar was absolutely one of the best places I have stayed at.  Not because the room was new and perfect, but because the couple running the Pension were just the greatest hosts.  They have 4 rooms in their house (that is only 50 meters from the Old Bridge) that they rent out.  We picked one with a balcony that had a great view with out a lot of people going by very often.  The pension was down a very steep hill that I was not going to attempt to drive down.  The husband, Nedved, drives everyone’s car down to his driveway and parks it for you.  Then he takes your lugggage to your room all while the wife, Suzanna, gives you a very warm welcome.  She brought a nice lemon juice and a sweet treat to our balcony so we could take a nice break.  She said that we are on vacation, and she will do everything she can to make sure we feel like we are on vacation.  Anytime we walked out the door she would always make sure to say have a nice visit or if it looked like rain she would offer an umbrella.  Although the place had a kitchen that you could prepare food we opted for a little place she recommended for breakfast.  On our second morning she came over and said that because we stayed two nights she wanted to buy our breakfast.  They made it hard to want to leave.  They both came out to wish us well on our way.  Then Ned drove us back up the steep hill and we left Mostar with a happy memory.

Here is a picture of the balcony that I was able to write some of these blog posts from.

Mostar Pansion

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