Orebić, Croatia

We drove from Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina to Orebić, Croatia.  Orebić is a coastal town on the peninsula of the Dalmatian coast.  The road is windy and mainly up and down but there were a lot of vineyards to look at a long the way.  I even saw one wolf cross my path.

We had a nice place to stay in Orebić.  We had a beautiful view of the sea from our room.  The town was very sleepy though, and the weather wasn’t the greatest.  There was one German couple that was staying there for a couple of weeks.

We decided to have dinner at the hotel because it was pouring rain.  The guy who carried our luggage to our room also worked in the kitchen.  He was a very friendly guy and said we had to try the fish because it comes right out of the sea.  He convinced me that he could cook a fish that I like.  I agreed to order fish, I believe it was sea bass.  Little did I know that I ordered a whole fish including the head and tail.  It was just us and the German couple eating dinner.  We had an appetizer on the house which included a sardine.  For the main course, my fish was supposed to be small but it was big with a huge amount of vegetables and a mussel.  I tried the mussel and then tried to figure out what to do with the fish.  The friendly guy who worked at the hotel came over and asked how it was and I said it was good but I have no idea how to stop eating bones.  He then returned from the kitchen with another knife and plate.  He then removed the bones from my fish and told me to continue eating and that I should eat all the skin.

I tried my best to eat as much as possible but it really looked like I ate nothing.  I couldn’t eat that much and he was shocked that so much was left on the plate.  As soon as we thought we were done with our already long dinner he proceeds to bring out the house schnapps.  The German couple and we give a toast and then I take one gulp of this burning alcohol.  Burning all the way down I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get the next gulp down.  I see that the man has returned to the outside portion of the restaurant (in the thunder and lighting) and I begin to wonder when we will ever get out of this place.  Around 2 hours after dinner started we finally asked another waiter if we could charge the dinner to our room leave.  It may have been one of the longest dinners ever.

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