Ston, Croatia

The walls of Ston are considered to be the “European Wall of China”.  They are 4.3 miles long.  I don’t know how we missed the wall when we drove to Orebić, but you couldn’t miss it on the way back.  We parked, and since there was a break in the weather, we decided to check out what the wall was about.  They were built to help protect the salt pans that helped contribute to Dubrovnik’s wealth.  It originally was built with 40 towers, but today only 20 still remain.  We hiked up a portion of the wall.  It was pretty steep, but neat to walk around.  We cut our walk short as there were some dark clouds coming.  By the time we got back to the car, it was pouring rain.  It was worth the stop, but only because it wasn’t raining.

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