Korčula, Croatia

Korčula is directly across from Orebić.  It is rumored that Marco Polo was born in Korčula in 1254.  We took a quick water taxi across the sea and walked around the town.  To be honest, the weather started getting worse and worse so we walked pretty quickly around the town.  Then it started to rain, and it was windy.  The umbrella didn’t really do much good since the rain was coming down sideways.  We hurried back to the water taxi to see that it was no longer running.

The next ferry came in almost two hours.  We felt trapped with no good place to hide from the bad weather.  We found a pizza restaurant and got one of the last tables under the umbrella area.  We ordered some drinking chocolate and a pizza to share since we were going to have a big dinner back in Orebić.  Once we finished that, we still had an hour and half.  I walked to the information office and asked if there was a quicker way to get back.  They said the car ferry, but we would need to take a taxi to get there.  It was worth the money to me to get a taxi to the car ferry just to get back earlier and stay a little more dry.

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