Island of Lokrum

Just a ten minute ferry ride from Dubrovnik is the Island of Lokrum.  Lokrum is a nice natural island where cars aren’t allowed.  You can walk the trails of the island up to a fortress where you get a nice view of Dubrovnik.  They have a small botanical garden on the island, however most of the plants are not native.  Someone donated a lot of peacocks to the island so they roam around looking for food from people.  I was one of the crazy tourists that started taking pictures of the peacock as soon as we got off the boat.


We were told there is a nice beach there but every beach we ever saw was just a ladder down into the rocky sea.  We sat on the rocks for awhile and just watched the waves crash on the rocks.  Lokrum was worth the visit (and a nice place to get away from the cigarette smoke).

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