Sites from the Dubrovnik wall

The wall around Dubrovnik is in good enough condition that you can walk around it.  For a small fee, you can walk the walls that circle the entire old city.  They say it usually takes around 2 hours to walk around the wall.  We tried to get there as soon as it opened so we could beat the crowds.  It took us about an hour and half to walk around the wall.  It was a nice walk for us since there weren’t a lot of people up there that early.  I can only imagine how crowded it is in the summer when it is hot and there are a lot more tourists.  Tony, the man who we rented an apartment from, did say that a couple of years ago a young boy died when he fell off the wall.  They don’t have a lot of railings on the wall to help protect young children from climbing over the wall.

Here is a slideshow of some of the scenes you can see from the wall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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