Closing Thoughts Croatia

Today, was our last day in Croatia.  We will be driving from Rovinj to Lake Bled, Slovenia.  This morning there was thunder over the sea and dark clouds but it seems like the rain stays over the sea in Rovinj.  I enjoyed visiting Croatia and learned more on this trip about recent history than I knew before.  Croatia is planning on joining the EU this July, and I wonder how things will change over the next couple of years.

They build their chimneys to look like little houses in Istria.
Rovinj SONY DSC This was our view this morning from our balcony.  Kind of a sea view but funny in the description of the place they didn’t mention or show a cell tower in the photo.SONY DSCThis house was very creative with their planters.  It is made out of little rocks and seashells.
IMG_0433 I didn’t try this cafe but I like that they use the stairs as part of their seats by using cushions.IMG_0434

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