Culinary Croatia


After eating a lot of pizza we finally found a Mexican restaurant in Rovinj.  We thought we would try it.  It was OK considering I think my rice was more of a saffron flavored mush.
Food Orebić:

This was my free appetizer in Orebić.  I already cut my sardine when I decided to take a picture.  My favorite part was the prosciutto and cheese. IMG_0411

This was my fish.  I tried the fish and mussel but for once the vegetables were my favorite thing on the plate.

IMG_0412 This was Bridget’s small portion of fish.  We told the waiter we weren’t hungry and only wanted a small meal.  He was offended when we didn’t finish our plates.IMG_0413Rovinj:

In Rovinj, we found a little Italian restaurant.  I ordered lasagna which was outstanding.  Everything was homemade and probably the best pasta I ever had.IMG_0418

Originally I told the waiter I was too full for dessert.  However, I wasn’t smart enough to say that we would like to pay now.  He left and I couldn’t get his attention until a half an hour later.  At that point I said I would try the chocolate mousse.  It was well worth all the waiting.      This time when the waiter picked up the plate, I instantly said I would like to pay.  It would take me a couple of hours to walk off all this delicious food.IMG_0419

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