Lake Bled, Slovenia

We drove from Rovinj, Croatia to Lake Bled, Slovenia.  I was thinking this would be an easy drive and not much traffic.  It was easy until we reached the border.  It took us about 45 minutes to cross the border.  I was just happy that it was downhill or else I would have been in trouble with the manual car.  Most of the drivers were European Union citizens so they were able to just wave a little card and go through.  I had to go in the non-EU line which was slower.  They asked the passports and then just stand around and talk to their buddies while they hold up the line.  Finally he looked at the passports and then asked me where I was going.  I said Lake Bled but he didn’t understand where I was going.  He asked if I was driving a rental car and if I had my international drivers license.  I have never been asked for this card but I did have it…somewhere.  As we hurry to try to find the card, he hands me back our passports and said we can go.  I can’t imagine how slow this line is in the summer.

Lake Bled was as peaceful as I remember.  It was raining but we were still able to walk around.  Last year, we didn’t manage to have time to take the boat out to the island to see the famous church that people like to get married in.  We had plenty of time on Friday since our flight didn’t leave until 18:00.  It takes a half an hour each way on the boat and you get 30 minute on the island.  The 99 stairs up to the church are steep and hard to imagine that a groom has to carry their bride up those stairs.  There is a rope in the middle of the church that you can pull 3 times to make the wishing bell ring.  I really wanted to swing on the rope like Julia Roberts does in Runaway Bride but since there was a sign that said you can’t do that I just pulled the rope.  We finished our boat trip and grabbed some pizza before heading to the airport.

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