Vienna at night

We flew from Slovenia to Vienna, Austria.  The flight was  on a little airplane with about 12 rows.  It was surprising how smooth the flight was considering we had to fly over the mountains, and it was stormy.  On our way into Vienna I thought I saw lightning and shortly after our little plane hit some turbulence that made our plane go back and forth.  Looked like our wings were trying to wave.  I haven’t experienced turbulence where it feels like our plane is going to sideways.

We made our way to our hotel in the middle of Vienna.  We headed out right away to try to find dinner since it was already 8:00 PM.  The place we wanted to eat had at least an hour wait so we decided to get a sausage from a good stand nearby.  We then walked around for awhile and I tried taking some photos at night.  I took some photos of some cakes, city hall and Stephansdom.  It was a good start to my favorite city.

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