Until Next Time…

Today was our last day in Vienna.  It started out with a walk around the inner city before breakfast.  We noticed some police cars driving down the pedestrian streets which I have never seen in all my times here.  Then we noticed some policemen walking fast towards the church.  Next we see that a helicopter flew very low to the city.  We decide to head back to our hotel for breakfast when we notice saw a large crowd by the church and the helicopter landing in the middle of the city.  We walked over there to see what was happening and they had an area blocked off.  The helicopter was life flight and they moved a person from an ambulance to the helicopter.  I still can’t believe that they were able to land a helicopter in that small space.  Hopefully the person is OK.  The helicopter took off which of course blew over plants and was very windy to be that close.

We went to Schönbrunn park, the Naschmarkt (outdoor market) and then ate schnitzel.   It was a great day, but now I must focus on packing.  I do look forward to being back home and having a shower that has hot water, and I don’t have to hold the shower head.  I had a great trip and look forward to my next travels…where ever that might be.

Emu at SchönbrunnSONY DSC lederhosenSONY DSC

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