Alpine Adventure

The bags are packed but more importantly, my camera is charged and ready to go. I enjoy taking pictures but hardly find time to take pictures if I’m not traveling. Tomorrow, the journey begins with a flight to Zurich, Switzerland. After driving around all of Croatia (plus some other countries), this trip will be more focused to enjoy the smaller countryside. I’m happy to report that I opted for an automatic this time to save me the stress of driving the alps. I’m also saving Bridget’s neck from the whiplash she is still recovering from last year 😉

Below is a map of the journey for the next 2 weeks. Arrive in Zurich and drive instantly to Appenzell. From there we will be heading to a small town called Kandersteg (you really have to zoom into the map to see it…it is that small). Then heading west to Vevey, Switzerland which I have never heard of until I watched House Hunters International. Lastly, we will be spending some time in Colmar, France.

I hope you join me on my trip to the land of chocolate, cheese and more chocolate.

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