Our drive from Lucerne to Kandersteg was through the Alps. I was very excited when there was actually one place you could pull over and take a picture. I wasn’t going to pass that up! Usually going over the mountain roads, I spend my time hoping that there aren’t any other cars coming down. Or ever worse, I hope there aren’t more tractors on the road. Below are some pictures of a town called Lungern that we saw as we were going up one of the passes.


2 thoughts on “Lungern

  1. What’s the temperature? I know you said it snowed the week before you got there and you have been at some high altitudes. Is so much sunshine unusual for this time of year or did you just nail it?

    • We really did nail it. The week before we got there it snowed and while we there it was probably mid 60’s. We looked at the weather for Switzerland the week we were in France it looked like it was raining again. Couldn’t have planned that any better.

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