Kandersteg, Switzerland

We stayed in Kandersteg for 3 nights.  Kandersteg is a small village located in the Bernese Alps almost 4,000 feet above sea level.  We were staying at a Bed & Breakfast that was located about 10 minutes (walking) outside of the center of Kandersteg.  The town is very small with only about 1,000 people.  It basically survives on tourism as you can ski all winter and hike/mountain climb all summer.

Everybody says Grüezi (hello) as they walk by. By the second day, I was noticing locals as they walked by from the pizza restaurant the night before. They would wave and say hi. It is easy to enjoy time in a village that doesn’t have a lot going on. You don’t have to listen to traffic or the buzz of city life. Kandersteg is the last town before a big mountain and there is no roadway through. The only way through the mountain is to put your car on a train and take a dark 20 minute ride through a tunnel. People don’t just drive through the town, and this is one reason why I fell in love with the town.

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