The Capital of Switzerland

Since Kandersteg was so close, we used one of our full days to go to Bern, the capital of Switzerland. I have seen many pictures of the old town but I wasn’t ever able to find a place to get the same amazing photo. I probably enjoyed the market as much as the rest of the city. They had someone baking fresh bread and then locals would come buy a loaf out of the oven.

Albert Einstein lived in Bern for a short period. We decided to go into his former house which has been converted into a museum. Not sure I learned educational facts but I now more about his personal life after visiting the museum.

Bern also has 3 living bears kept in the Bear Park in the city. Two of them were sleeping most of the time but one was very active walking around between the different pits. From the bear pit we walked up to the rose garden to get a panorama of the city. We were a bit too early for roses but the walk turned out to be very interesting…

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