The Hayloft

I don’t usually say much about the places we stay because they are usually just a place to sleep and maybe get breakfast but the place we stayed at in Kandersteg really deserves some time. Part of the reason why I wasn’t posting much the last couple of days is because we were just having such a good time with the family that runs the Bed & Breakfast. Peter & Kerry are some of the best hosts I have ever had. Kerry is from England and Peter is from Switzerland. They sailed around the world for 10 years before opening the bed & breakfast. They have a son who is now a teenager and together they all have wonderful stories and life experiences.

Their house is over 500 years old now. Of course when they bought the house ten years ago they needed to do some major work. Peter and Kerry did all the work themselves and they did a great job. The house has so much character and the rooms are integrated with the family. They have a total of 4 rooms to rent out. Our room was upstairs and it was called Arnica (an herb used to heal bruises and sore muscles). The name was fitting as the doorways were all very short and it took a day or two to learn that you need to duck anytime you go through a doorway or you will hit your head.

There was a couple there from North Carolina and we ate dinner with them, Peter, Kerry and their son every night. Kerry was a great cook and we would sit around the table for 3 hours for dinner. We all ate breakfast together as well and that would take around an hour and half. We had views from our room that looked out on a cow pasture on the back and a waterfall out of our skylight. Every morning the farmer would let the cows out at around 8:30 and put them in at 5:30. Peter was trying to teach me how to call the cows from my window so they would come over to me. I don’t think I got the singing part of the call down but it made him laugh.

I don’t usually write reviews on places but this one might be worth me writing a review. They are great hosts that love to be around people. They have friends around the world and they do a great job at integrating the guests into their lives. Here are some pictures of the views and house of The Hayloft.

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1 thought on “The Hayloft

  1. This looks like a wonderful place to relax and get to know your hosts. Sounds like you had a great time. I enjoy your enthusiasm for learning about other cultures. It is a true blessing in our lives.

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