Driving to Lausanne was a scenic road following Lake Geneva on one side and vineyards on the other. I’m not sure why the GPS didn’t take us up to the highway but I enjoyed the 30 mph drive from Vevey to Lausanne. They have a nice transit system in Lausanne that you pay to park and it also provides you with public transportation tickets. This came in handy since the town is all up hill from the Lake. Lausanne is the smallest city in the world with a rapid transit system, which was a metro that takes you from the lake up into the city and suburbs.

The backwards “C” in the water is used to see the direction of the wind. There are 4 different granite blocks on land and you see which one lines up with the “C”.

This was the first day that we actually sat down and had lunch. It was still at a fast food restaurant called Holy Cow. The name was very fitting since that was the largest burger I have ever eaten. The burger came with fries and a drink. The total for lunch was around $25 per person. Switzerland is very expensive so we splurged for fast food.

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