We are staying 3 nights in Vevey. Vevey isn’t a main stop for tourists which is probably one of the reasons why we picked to stay here. Vevey is the headquarters for Nestlè chocolate, and milk chocolate was invented here. Charlie Chaplin is one of their most famous past residents.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays they have their big market where people gather to have wine, buy produce and listen to music. I was excited for the music today because the Alp horns were the main feature. We were also lucky today because it was their lake clean up similar to our beach clean up. I was shocked at how many bikes and shopping carts they found in the lake. They had scuba divers going down and bringing up all the trash.

Our hotel is not in the main part of town. It is about a 15 minute walk from the main square to our hotel. We actually didn’t see our hotel the first time we drove into town. This is probably because our hotel has a gas station in the parking lot. I remembered seeing a gas station but I didn’t see that it was also a hotel. Funny the pictures of the hotel on the internet don’t show a gas station.

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