Just the beginning…York

We made it to York, England last night.  My parents arrived around noon and it took us until 2:00 to get going.  The car rental process isn’t the fastest when you really want an automatic.  The drive took around 4 hours, and I was pretty shocked at how much traffic there was the entire drive.

Since we didn’t get to our hotel until a little after 6, we headed straight out to the town to find some dinner.  The bed & breakfast is a cute little place a little outside the center of town. It was built around the 1880’s so it has a lot of old charm.  We basically picked the first pub we saw since it was after 7 when we got into the center of town.  The place was called Hole in the Wall and seemed like a pretty traditional English pub inside.  We sat on little stools, and you placed your order at the bar.

By the time dinner was done it was after 8.  Since we were all tired, we didn’t walk around long, but it does stay light longer.  I took a couple of pictures but expect to have more after I walk around the city in the morning.  It is different from the rest of the European cities I have visited since everything is brick here.

I expect some pretty long days since I woke up at 4:20 this morning because it was light outside and the owls were very chatty.

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