We woke up to beautiful “English” weather. I’m talking about sun and blue sky. It was perfect weather to take a walking tour of the city. They offer free walking tours for 2 hours. The lady was very informative and gave an interesting tour. There is evidence that Mesolithic people settled in York between 8,000 and 7,000 BC. The city was founded by the Romans around 71 AD.

There was still plenty of decorations left around the city from the Tour de France (which started here this year). There were yellow bikes and flags everywhere. I think one highlight of the city was seeing the ruins of an abbey. They ended up taking it down to use the stone on other buildings around as they already had another minster. A man decided that the remains should be saved and bought the land so nobody could ruin where a beautiful abby once stood.

It was a nice tour of the city but we didn’t have much time. We had another 4 hour drive to Glasgow so it was back on the road for us.

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