En Route to Oban

We left Glasgow for Oban which is located on the west coast. We made a couple of stops along the way. We stopped at a loch first and walked around for a bit. The public toilet was very fancy as you pushed a button to enter and then you went in and followed the instructions. Once you finished and exited, the door shut and cleaned the entire place. The next person had to wait 2 minutes before they could enter.

We saw some locks with some very big boats that went through. Guess you need to have more than one person on your boat as you had to open and close the locks on your own. After the locks, we were driving when my dad pointed out people on top of a hill. So I turned around and headed back to the hill. I decided to climb to the top to see the view.

The last stop we made was at an old church which had carved tombstones from the 1600’s. As you can see it was a beautiful day for Scotland. I think we have been very lucky with our weather so far. Hope it stays that way.

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