Pollok Park, Glasgow

There was a park near our B&B that many people go to from around the world. Most of them are going there to see a famous art collection, but I’m happy just walking around the park. The park is larger than we anticipated so we ended up walking a couple of hours in the park. We were too late to see the Clydesdale horses but an employee was very nice (everybody in Scotland has been extremely friendly) and opened up the barn so we could see the horses. Not only did we get to see the horses but we got to feed them sugar tablets. I was pretty shocked at how gentle they were when they would eat them out of your hands. We did come back to the park Thursday morning to see the horses in the field.

(I know I should have picked one horse photo as I have picked too many. Too hard for me to pick since I’m blogging after midnight so bear with me.)

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