Isle of Skye

Our one full day went fast on the Isle of Skye. We stopped at a distillery (tour times were already over an hour away), then on to a castle, to a tannery and then by a local yarn shop where they dye their yarn with their plants in their yard. After that we headed to the scenic part of the island. There aren’t many towns at all on the island so you can go a good hour before seeing anywhere you can stop for a restroom, food or gas.

We had a nice view from our B&B window. My favorite part about the place was how remote it was. You drive through a cattle guard that says “beware of bull” and then on to the house. You can hear the goats when you sleep and there are a ton of bunnies running around. The Isle of Skye was a first for me ordering fish & chips. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I didn’t really think I could tell the difference between the fish or the chip. The majority of the road around the island was a one lane road with passing areas. It was usually OK but I didn’t like some of the blind corners or summits. Also, sheep and cattle are allowed to walk around freely so you had to watch for that in the road.

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