Loch Ness

We drove from the Isle of Skye to Inverness on Monday and made a stop at Loch Ness to look for Nessie. Loch (lake) Ness is a deep, freshwater lake that is over 23 miles long and mostly a mile wide at every point. It contains more freshwater than all the lakes in England and Wales combined. It is 755 feet deep and is completely flat on the bottom. You can take your boat right up to the shore almost and still not hit ground. You don’t see a lot of boats on the lake because private boats are not allowed to fish. You have to fish from the side of the banks. The water is completely black due to all the peat in the water.

We heard from the locals that Nessie goes on holiday with the rest of Europeans in July and August so all we had was a pleasant boat ride for an hour. We had perfect weather to be the lake. The water can get pretty choppy and they even have a coast guard boat for the lake.

After the boat tour, we grabbed some lunch and then walked along the locks that go into Loch Ness since we couldn’t check in to your bed & breakfast until 4.

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