Made it to Seville

We left the busy city life of Madrid and headed south to Seville. It was a very fast two and half hour train ride with speeds up to around 186 mph. The countryside views were rolling brown hills and lots of little trees.

Our taxi driver on the way to the hotel told us he would have to drop us off at the corner of our street because the street was going to be too narrow to drive down. I’m not sure how the streets leading up to the hotel weren’t too narrow since we had to wait for people to get off of the street for us to drive down. We made it to the hotel and were spoiled with a nice cold glass of lemonade.

We were pretty hungry once we got to Seville so we headed out right away to catch lunch which ends around 4:00 pm. We decided to try some samples of different meats and cheeses which were good. The only thing I don’t get is how you are supposed to eat the meat and cheese without anything to put it on. Here is a picture of the cheeses and meats. What isn’t pictured is the 3 sandwiches we ordered with it. Needless to say this counted as lunch and dinner. (Dinner service here doesn’t actually start until 8:00 pm.)

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