Toledo, Spain

We had a five and half hour drive from Ronda to Toledo. Toledo is our final destination before getting on a plane tomorrow and heading home.

Toledo is an interesting city. I believe most people come here as a day trip from Madrid. The center is packed with tourists and then, after they leave, it is quiet at night. The town is getting ready to celebrate Corpus Christi, which is next Thursday, so the town is decorated with flags and lights everywhere. Toledo is an important city to Spain because it is known as the “City of the Three Cultures” having been influenced by a historical co-exhistence of Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures.

We spent our main day walking around until a big rain storm headed our way. At the end of the video there is a strange looking bird. It caught a lizard for lunch.

I have gotten used to all this sunshine so hopefully home will have plenty of sun. This trip has been great and different than all other trips I have been on before. I am looking forward to getting back home and eating at my normal hours again though.

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