Europe 2016

With not a lot of time to plan a trip this year, we needed to keep it pretty simple. There is a new flight from Portland to Reykjavik, Iceland so it seemed kind of perfect to explore a new country with the benefit of having a direct flight. The first part of the trip will be in sunny Austria before heading back to cold Iceland.

The flight to Reykjavik was pretty easy and the flight crew were very excited that their soccer team just advanced in a major tournament for the first time on that day.

We landed in Iceland around 6:30 AM and it was 45 outside. It always seems very common in Europe to have planes not pull-up to a gate which forces the people get off outside and take a bus to a terminal. This was the case in Reykjavik so I could feel how cold it was. We then flew to Munich where it was over 90 degrees.

Based on the scenery I saw from the plane window, I’m pretty excited to get back to Iceland and explore the countryside. I’m just hoping the clouds aren’t so low when we get back there.

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