Ach, Austria

After arriving in Munich, we rented a car and drove to Ach, Austria which is right across the river from Burghausen, Germany. This was about an hour and twenty minute drive which is about the max drive I can probably do after staying awake on the plane for hours. It probably took us ten minutes to figure out how to get out of the Munich airport and then it was mainly country roads with a lot of tractors for the next hour. We stayed in Ach, Austria before so we knew we didn’t need a lot of time there but it is a charming town to stay in with a great view. You can walk across the bridge from Austria to Germany and there are great walking paths on both sides of the river. This is a great town to start the trip in. The only downside was the hotel didn’t have air conditioning and the room faced the west. The hotel has shades that they control to try to keep the rooms cool. They apparently raise the shades at some point during the night because when I woke up in the morning, I could see everything.

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