We went for a quick walk around Vienna this morning before leaving the city. Vienna is never a city I would want to drive in regularly, but it actually wasn’t too bad this time due to the location of the parking garage and hotel we stayed in. The worst part of the drive was probably trying to get the car out of the garage since European garages are very narrow and steep.

We dropped the car off at the Munich airport and then took a taxi to the city center. We arrived to the city in enough time to have a good walk around the city. I’m glad I decided to just use my phone as my camera as the streets were busy and bikes are everywhere. I think they might have more bikes here than in Amsterdam. It was pretty stressful crossing streets even though they are pedestrian streets because of all the bikes.

It was a perfect day for weather, but I know Iceland will be at least 30 degrees colder tomorrow. Not sure I’m ready for that!

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You know you are in Munich, when the hotel provides only beer products in each room. Also the rooms have booths in the room to sit and drink beer. This is the first hotel I have ever had a booth in the room.

Natural Beer Products

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