Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

We made it to Iceland and it was pretty decent weather when we landed. Reykjavik is about a 40 minute drive from the airport but it is pretty simple. The speed limit here is a lot slower than anywhere else in Europe that I have been to.

We knew we were in for a long full day of sightseeing the first full day so we got some dinner and then made sure we were ready for Friday sightseeing on the southern coast. We figured that we wanted to leave by 8:00 so we could try to beat the majority of the tour busses to the sights.

Our first stop was Seljalandsfoss which was a beautiful but very cold waterfall. The weather here feels like a cold January day in Troutdale. Yes, the wind here is very bad. We opted to not walk behind the waterfall since the trail is very slippery and I really didn’t want to be wet and cold to start the day.

This was just our first stop of many.

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