En route to Südtirol

A new year brings new adventures.  I’m writing this somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Although we will be stopping in some familiar places, the majority of the trip will be in Northern Italy.  I’m really looking forward to seeing new sights, amazing food and learning about a new culture.

We will land in Munich in about 9 hours after changing planes in Iceland.  I’m sure liking the direct flight from Portland to Iceland.  Pretty nice to get to Europe in 7 hours.  From Munich we will drive south with a short stop in Kuftstein to get some rest before driving the rest of the way to Bolzano.  From there we will head to Riva del Garda on Lake Garda.  Then we will head west towards Lugano which is actually located in Switzerland but the lake is on the border of Italy and Switzerland.

I’m thinking I will have plenty of pizza, chocolate and gelato on this trip.

I’m looking forward to taking pictures again.  I basically only get my camera out once a year now so I’m always a little rusty remembering how to work it.

I was going to try to post a map of the trip but the internet is pretty slow.

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