Made it to Kufstein

After landing in Munich, we picked up our Opel car and headed south towards Kufstein, Austria.  We were using Kufstein as an easy town off the highway to stay for one night.   After the long flight, I don’t like driving very far the same day because I don’t sleep on planes.  The hotel would have been very easy to get to from the highway if there wasn’t construction. So we had to drive around a little to figure out how to make our own detour.  I don’t mind driving in Europe but driving in the center of towns is sometimes confusing because you have to know when cars are allowed on some streets.  We did eventually make it there with no problems.

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I was lucky enough to have a window seat on the way to Iceland, so I took some pictures of Greenland and our arrival to Iceland.  Their landscapes are so different than any other country that I have seen.

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