A couple of firsts…

I haven’t taken pictures of Riva yet but I have a couple of stories that make me laugh.

The first one, I don’t have a picture or video of and I’m sure you are glad about that.  We missed the lunch hours yesterday because we were driving until we could check in to the hotel.  This happens to us a lot in Europe because the check out and check in times don’t really work well with when restaurants are open.  So we walked around Riva and found that some places were actually open to eat here.  We picked one restaurant that had a couple eating outside so we wouldn’t be the only ones eating at an “off” hour.  I went in to use the restroom and it was just one bathroom for both sexes.  The only issue was there was no toilet.  I went in right after a guy and he was still outside the door washing his hands.  I opened the door to make sure I was in the right room but that was the only door.  There was just a white porcelain tray on the ground with a hole in it.  I have heard of squatting toilets in other countries but I have never used one.  The tray still was able to flush so I don’t really understand why they don’t install a toilet unless they just want people to laugh.

The next story is from today.  We were walking to the next town on a nice trail next to the water.  We decided to stop at a bench in the shade to put sunscreen on.  I was taking pictures and I heard a noise, which was Bridget’s sunglasses falling in the lake.  Luckily we stopped at the place where scuba divers get into the water so there was a large rock in the water before the steep drop off.  Since I could see them, I ignored the sign that said for scuba divers only and rescued the glasses.  The water was actually very refreshing although the rock was a little slippery.  At least I could pickup the glasses with my foot 🙂  (The water was very calm when I went in the water.  Immediatly after I got out, the water became really choppy.  I think new glasses would have been in the afternoon if the water was like that all the time.)

3 thoughts on “A couple of firsts…

  1. I was waiting to hear if you actually used the toilet. Guess you have to be physically fit to squat to pee in Italy !

  2. Hi Valerie, Enjoying your blog and love these funny stories. It was neat to actually see you in a video clip too!😀 You are so good at blogging. What a wonderful way to share with others and keep a journal for yourself. Have a wonderful remainder of your trip and safe travels home.
    Love, Karla

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