Boat Trip on Lago di Garda

We spent Thursday taking a a boat trip to a couple of towns near by.  Of course, this was the day the water was very choppy so it made it very windy riding on the top of the boat. You will hear a lot of wind in the videos.  At the start of the video, you will see how calm the lake was on Wednesday when we walked to a nearby town.  There is windsurfing and sailing lessons every morning.  I’m sure if I picked to do a lesson, it would be the very windy day.

We took a boat trip to Limone Sul Garda and then over to Malcesine.  Limone sure sounds a lot like lemons, doesn’t it.  They used to produce a lot of lemons here until it became too expensive to compete with southern Italy.  The town actually isn’t named after lemons though.  It actually used to be the town on the border of Austria and Italy in the early 1900’s and the name Limone comes from the Italian word for border.  Both towns were charming with small stone lined streets.  Limone does try to sell the whole lemon thing though and they do make fantastic lemonade there.  Limone has 1,000 residents but 1 million tourists visit a year.

You might notice some columns in some of the photos.  That is where they used to grow the lemon trees.  In the winter, they would be able to cover the area with glass to help protect them from the winter weather.

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