Made it to Lugano, Switzerland

We left Riva this morning and decided to take the scenic route to Lugano since we had time before we could check in to the next hotel.  Good thing we left when we did as traffic was very bad in Riva.  I can’t imagine how bad it would be later on a Saturday when people arrive for the weekend.

The drive was pretty as it was along the west side of the lake.  There were a lot of tunnels but overall it was pleasant.  We then took the highway around Milan and headed north to Switzerland.  We had to pay a lot of tolls in Italy and then when you get to Switzerland, you have to buy an expensive sticker for your windshield that is good for the whole year.  I was hoping that I would get lucky when I picked up my rental car but the windshield was clear of stickers.

We walked around the city a little this afternoon.  There were hundreds of kids wandering the streets in groups.  This weekend, all of the youth choirs from Switzerland are singing in Lugano so they are in every square and corner singing.  I’m looking forward to seeing the city and surrounding areas in the next four days.

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