Day Trip to Lake Como

We took a day trip to Lake Como from Lugano yesterday.  It is only an hour bus ride, but it is mostly on very narrow winding roads.  The bus had to honk anytime it came to a curve to warn the drivers coming the other way.  I was happy to leave the driving to professionals today.

We arrived in Menaggo, Italy and took a ferry to Bellagio where we wandered the streets for a couple of hours.  The villages are built on hillsides so I got plenty of climbing today.  The weather was pretty perfect to walk in the shady little cobblestones streets.  We then took the ferry from Bellagio to Varenna which was another cute town.  I really don’t think pictures can really show how beautiful the towns are.

I don’t know a lot of Italian but haven’t had any problems getting around (unlike the first time I tried to visit Lake Como and ended up on a school bus heading the wrong direction for a couple hours).  I do like hearing hearing Italian as I’m walking down the cobblestone streets.

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