Lake Lugano

We used Lugano as our base for four days to explore the surrounding areas.  The city itself is a banking city and it is lively during the day and very quiet once the work hours are done.  This has made it a little hard to find dinner sometimes.  There was one pasta place that we really wanted to try but we weren’t here around lunch time and it always closed by 5:30 so we never made it there in time.  Since Lugano is a little bigger than other cities we have stayed in, we were able to branch out and have other cuisines besides Italian food lunch or dinner.

We spent one day walking a long the lake for an hour and half to a very cute little village on the lake.  It was a nice hike but it was very hot on the trail.  I was happy to take a boat back.   I’m sure we saw more of the surrounding areas than the city itself but I like exploring the trails and smaller towns.

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