En Route to Kinsale

We drove from Kenmare to Kinsale but stopped at Killarney National Park before going to Kinsale.  I think they have a lot of “K” towns in Ireland and I actually get confused on which one I’m going to next.

The main reason for the stop at the national park was actually to watch a sheep dog and sheep shearing demonstration.  We booked another tour before that but unfortunately due to a bike race and then a run, we never made it to the tour.  First the road was closed for the bikes and then the traffic was terrible after a run finished in another town.  So we made the best of it by visiting some of the sites in the park on our own.

The sheep dog demonstration was intersecting.  It takes the dog about 3 years to learn how to heard the sheep up.  The dog looked happy to be working…the sheep looked like they have done the demonstration a couple of times since they knew exactly what was going on. We also went to a working farm but there wasn’t a lot going on.  The best thing we saw was 12 piglets.

We made it to Kinsale which is a lovely little town.  The houses are painted brightly to try to make the most of their gray days.  They have a very walkable town and great food options.  I would highly recommend Kinsale to anyone who is wanting to visit Southern Ireland.

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