Cobh & Cork

We did a day trip to Cobh and Cork.  Cobh is the port town where the Titanic last stoppped before heading out to sea.  Cobh was actually called Queenstown back when the Titanic left.  We went to the Titanic museum and saw the wood from the old port where passengers would have gotten on a small boat to take them out to the Titanic.  You are giving a ticket that a passenenger would have received when boarding the ship with a name on it.  I received a ticket for a 29 year old female traveling on 3rd class.  At the end of the museum, you look at a board to see if you were saved or lost.  I was one of the lucky 3rd class passengers to survive.

We stopped at Cork on the way back.  Cork is Ireland’s second largest city behind Dublin. It was a nice quick stop but I am happy we aren’t staying in the city.  I generally prefer the smaller towns to the larger cities.  We did go to the Butter Museum to learn about how Ireland exports a lot of butter.  We also learned how Cork has changed over time and it actually used to be a larger harbor but they have infilled it to make a bigger city.

Here are pictures of Cobh.  They had a beautiful large church that was overlooking the town below.

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