The Rock of Cashel

We stopped in Cashel on our way to Kilkenny.  We visited the rock of Cashel which contained a large church and watch tower on top of the rock.  The oldest of the buildings is the round tower which is from around 1100.  We had a great tour guide who helped explain everything and was very knowledgeable.  Some of the tower blew over in a hurricane in the 1700’s.  The pieces that fell were actually sent to America where a priest built a church out of the stone.  The roof was removed to avoid a roof tax in the 1700’s.  They used the pieces of the roof to help build a new church in town.

They found the original chalice that was used down a well as well as an infant that passed away.  They still use the original chalice today in the church in town.  The graveyard around the church is very old but they just recently had a burial there around the 5 weeks ago.  There are only 2 people left living in town that can be buried there.

We were lucky and had good weather to visit.  I have heard that it is very windy there since it is on top of a hill.


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