Buenos Aires Sights

I could look at trees for a long time in Buenos Aires. I think I have more pictures of a single tree that probably anything else. They are called rubber trees or Gomero in Spanish. They grow up and then the branches will naturally reach for the ground and then keep growing up. They don’t need support but they have added support in places so they can still use space in the parks.

I have also noticed how much they care for their dogs here. There are plenty of dog parks and dog walkers around. I haven’t seen any stray dogs. Here are some miscellaneous pictures for our tour today. When we were at one plaza, they were raising the flag and opening the memorial for all of the lives lost during the Malvinas war (Falkland Islands). (They don’t refer to the islands as Falkland in Argentina.). A couple was also doing the tango in the middle of a park.

1 thought on “Buenos Aires Sights

  1. As always, really enjoy your descriptions and pictures. It really does look a great deal like Europe.
    All our love and continued safe travels. Love, Daryl and Frankie

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