On way to the estancia

After two nights in Buenos Aires, we had a driver take us an hour and half to an estancia. Estancia is a large ranch. We are staying at estancia that is still a working ranch with different crops, cattle, sheep and chickens. They also have 70 horses that roam the pastures.

The drive was pretty easy since we just got to enjoy the scenery. I was very happy that on the way out of Buenos Aires, it took us by where one of the major soccer teams in Argentina plays (River Plate). I just had to get a picture from as we drove by 🙂

The rest of the ride was mainly farm land. The last 3 miles is down a dirt road that was very bumpy. When it rains, they have a hard time accessing the estancia. After it rains, they need to use special trucks to get the guests in and out. On this day, we did not need one.

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