In The Jungle

We left the estancia early this morning to fly to Iguazu which is a town right on the border of Argentina and Brazil. Our driver wasn’t able to make it to the estancia because the road was still too muddy so the watchman at the ranch drove us in his truck. I’m pretty sure this was the dirtiest truck I have ever been in. This picture really doesn’t show how dirty the road was but it was a very bumpy and slow ride out.

From there, the driver drove 2 hours to the airport in Buenos Aires. He was a very fast but safe driver. We really hit Buenos Aires traffic at rush hour and he still found his way in and out of cars.

Iguazu doesn’t have a big airport. They just have one gate so it was easy to figure out where to find out luggage.

We got a taxi and headed to our hotel which is really in the middle of the jungle. It is fun seeing signs to watch out for monkeys but I’m OK if I don’t see some of the other animals. It was pouring when we were on our way to the hotel. It made it easy to decide to stay in the hotel today instead of trying to go see some of the waterfalls. Even the driver couldn’t believe how much it was raining. The road right before we arrived at our hotel was pretty washed out and bumpy. I tried getting a video of some of it but you really can’t see how bad the road was. Our driver was very nice and he is actually picking us up in the moringing to drive us to Brazil to see the waterfall from their side first.

But all of this rain does give you a nice green jungle to look at from your hotel 🙂

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