Iguaçu Falls – Brazil

We decided to see the Brazilian side of the waterfalls first since that is the side you are supposed to get the best panorama of the falls. Our taxi driver (Adolfo) from the day before picked us up and drove us across the border which was pretty easy. From there it is about a 20 minute ride to the park. He is a very helpful taxi driver and tells us what to see to help beat the crowds. He tries very hard to speak some English. He pretty much knows exactly how long we will take at each place so he can time it exactly on when to be back.

There are 275 waterfalls to see and it doesn’t dissapoint. I could have watched the waterfalls all day. I’m just amazed at how much water there is and the power of the waterfalls. I can’t understand where all of the water is going, because if you see the river, it doesn’t move. The water is pretty brown but I think that is fairly common since we are in the jungle and it rains a lot. It did rain for 5 days before we got here and they have very red soil. Pretty much all white cars have a red/brown look. Even the white dogs have reddish paws.

It is very hard to get a good picture since the power of the waterfalls creates a giant mist. We even bought ponchos because you get soaked. Not to mention, my camera got soaked trying to get a picture.

I took over 400 pictures so it has been very hard narrowing down which pictures to show.

I heard of coati before coming here but I didn’t realize how much I wouldn’t like them. They are part of the raccoon family but they are out during the day. They will bite if you aren’t careful and they love food. Some are so smart that they even know how to open your bag to get your food if you aren’t paying attention.

Here is a very short video of the waterfalls from the Brazil side.

2 thoughts on “Iguaçu Falls – Brazil

    • Never did see a snake which makes us happy. We did see a sign for snakes today walking through a park but thankfully, we didn’t run across one 🙂

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