Heading to the Glacier

After a number of days without good internet, I’m finally able to update what we have been up to the last couple of days. We arrived in El Calafate to a little rain and no car. I had reserved an automatic car but they didn’t have any left. They offered me a manual but I really didn’t feel like driving a manual so I took the full refund. I was actually happy to not have to drive around because some of their toll/police booths are a little confusing.

We arranged to have a driver pick us up and drive us to the glacier. Unfortunately, our driver didn’t speak any English and we don’t speak much Spanish so it was a pretty quiet drive. The weather was perfect and there were barely any other cars on the road. Most of the drive is along Lago Argentina (biggest fresh water lake in Argentina) so it was a pretty spectacular drive with the Andes in the background. For reference, the lake has a surface area of 546 square miles and maximum width of 20 miles wide. I also now understand how Argentina picked their color of the flag because their lakes are the prettiest blue.

The drive consisted of beautiful lakes, mountains and pretty green hills. It was also fun to see a gaucho herding their sheep and cows. I don’t think I have ever seen so many sheep and cows at once. Lamb is a specialty in this area.

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